Vintage analog mixing in a hybrid environment:

At DuneTunes Recording we mix through a classic inline Neve Analog console together with ProTools HDX and an array of modern and vintage outboard gear in a true hybrid setup to get the best of the analog and digital world. 

Our Mix Mission:

Our mission is to create a truly sonic and cohesive balanced mix where all the audio frequencies are sitting on there own shelf and in there own space to create that solid vibe. Using tone-shaping, dynamic control, as well as time and pitch correction in an acoustically tuned mixing room will have the greatest impact on the final outcome of your mixes. We also take a more modern approach such as drum replacement/enhancement and instrument re-amping. We primarily mix rock, southern rock, pop rock, punk rock, blues and country music. Our name, quality and reputation is everything and we want to make sure our clients recommend us and come back for more work in the future.



We offer free in house artist consultation and pre-production to understand your project scope and to preview any material. If you are an out of state client we use Skype and video conferencing for communication.


Mix Rescue:

We also offer a mix rescue service to help fix damaged and or poorly recording audio tracks or if you just can’t get your music mix to sit right we can definetly help!



Once the tracks are complete and approved, we will submit the final prints for mastering either in-house or to any of our partnered professional mastering houses.