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Project Uploads:

DuneTunes Recording has made it very easy for anyone to upload there music files by clicking the “UPLOAD TO DUNTUNES ” button below. This will open a new browser window for dropbox. From there, you can attach your files and leave instructions for me in the comments field. After I’ve received the files, you will get a download confirmation email.

I will build a template session for your songs and review all tracks and then schedule a time with you to share my initial thoughts about your material. If I hear anything that will improve that over all mix, I will ask you to possibly make small changes and resend the files. 

All of this service is free of charge..  

I’m a firm believer that the right mixing and mastering is crucial and adds real value to my artists end product and can make or break a song. I will never just genarically process a song without providing my critical feedback on the material.

Note: Please make sure to label all your tracks properly. If you have questions please see the Mix Preporation Page or call the studio directly.


Patrick Dune