DuneTunes Recording is a full professional audio recording studio in the Heart of Littleton, Colorado which features an AMS Neve Genesys analog Console, ProTools Ultimate and an array of modern and vintage outboard audio gear featuring NEVE, API, SSL, Manley, Tube-Tech, LA2A, 1176 and Pultec. We specialize in all Audio production, Original music, Creative sound design, Voice-overs, Artist Producing, Songwriting, Soundtrack creation, Video Production, Audio Engineering Training Classes and Online Mixing and Mastering.

Patrick Dune

Patrick Dune

Founder / Audio Engineer / Producer / Songwriter / Audio Educator

It all started for me back in Toronto, Canada with my first Rickenbacker guitar, my VOX amp and the desire to write, play and record music. It grew into a deep passion in my life for creating world-class music, song production and sharing my  musical experience and knowledge with others.

With building and owning many differnt recording studio’s over the years,  it has always been important to me to create a   comfortable enviroment with a cool vibe. 

I have developed a keen sense for quality and meticulous attention to details in my production mixes and producing style which has blessed me with many fortunet opportunities to work with great people.

I look forward to working with You.. 




Patrick Dune

What Type of material do I like to work on?

I have worked with many genres over the years. I would say that I am a Rock and Roll / Pop Rock and Country music guy first so that material is always fun to work on. I have spend a lot of time writing, producing, mixing and recording music with many different styles.     

Passion for Music

I enjoy working with artists to try and make the material sound the best that it can be. I approach each song with exactly what it needs being sensitive to not over producing the song. I am also not afraid to experiment with different textures musically and vocally to create unique blends. Each song is a musical creative journey from start to finish and that’s what I love! 

TV / Film / Radio / Artist Credits 

Patrick Dune is a 12 time nominated and award winning SongWriter, Producer, Audio Recording Engineer, and Recording Artist. 

Weirdsville – Composer (Film) – Forever Be

Toronto Independent Music Awards 2007-2008 (2 Songs nominated)

Rogers Cable Productions – Composer Various Music Projects

Weekend To End Breast Cancer – Canadian TV/Radio National Campaign

Three Small Words – Children Disabilities song award 2010

Microsoft Corp. “We’re All In How About You” Song Award– 2010

Microsoft Corp. “It’s Just Another Incubation Day” Song Award – 2010

Microsoft Corp. Documentary songs. Awards 2011

Middle Ground 5-time Nominated record 2012

Nominated producer for “Middle Ground” 2013

Nominated for best single and Songwriter of the year 2015

Award “Colorado Rock Awards” for “Best Original Band Performance”

Patrick Dune voted one of Denver’s top bands on the Denver Music “A” List

KHUS Radio best new single release “MARIA” 2017

92.5 The Wolf Radio best new single release “We’re The Lucky Ones” 2018 (Top 40)

Full Production Video and Single – “Machine Identity Protection” 2019

Full Production Video and Single – “We Gotta Stick Together” (The Warrior Within) 2020

Various Artist Mixing and Songwriting 2021 to 2023