DuneTunes Recording has a state of the art equipped control room and mixing suite. At the heart of DuneTunes control room is classic inline NEVE Genesys analog console together with an array of modern and vintage outboard gear in a true hybrid setup to get the best of the analog and digital world.

The control room is based on a ProTools Ultimate DAW but can also acompany any other DAW platforms as well. Every point of the system is patched into a Redco TT patch bay system and every piece of gear is fully normalled into the patch system and  labelled in the ProTools I/O for ease of application. With over 40 channels of outboard EQ and compression, we have the hardware to meet anyones needs as well as an unlimited number of plugins from Waves, Avid and much more.

DuneTunes Recordings control room is an acoustically treated and tuned enclosed environment which incorporates absorbtion, diffusion  and bass traps with the placement of custom sound panals to help tame the low-end, mid and high frequencies. The result is very tight sonic true sound that translates perfectly on any system. It also features a direct line of site to the control room and direct link to the control room via a personal headphone hear back/talk back system. 

The DuneTunes Vibe:

DuneTunes Recording is also one of the only studio’s in Colorado that features a custom Philips HUE lighting system to create that cool vibe and relaxing environment to work in.

Have DuneTunes Recording be your next studio to record or film your experience the way it was intended to sound.