DuneTunes Recording live room was acoustically designed with double thick insulated walls and ceilings, custom sound panals and absorption for that great live acoustic vibe for  any live instruments. The live room is a large 35ft x 20ft space that produces solid tight drum sounds, smooth acoustic guitars and instrumental reflections. DuneTunes can easily accomodate up to 7  to 10 members comfortably in the live room and could possibly squeeze in a few more if required. It also features a direct line of site to the control room and direct link to the control room via a personal headphone hear back/talk back system. 


The DuneTunes Live Room Vibe:

DuneTunes Recording is also one of the only studio’s in Colorado that features a custom Philips HUE lighting system to create that cool vibe and relaxing enviroment to work in.

Have DuneTunes Recording be your next studio to finish your record the way it was intended to sound.